Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about our Mamma Pads

For maximum durability, clean the Mamma Pads after each use with warm, lime-free water and a little pH-neutral soap. Then simply leave to air dry. Please do not dry the Mamma Pads with a towel: lint and dust shorten the life of the silicone pads.

When properly cared for according to our care instructions, the Mamma Pads can be used 150 times or more. This corresponds to a lifespan of up to several months. Our tip: Use two pairs of Mamma Pads in alternation to always have a clean pair at hand.

No, please never use the Mamma Pads on inflamed breasts or sore nipples. Take your time to heal the infection. When you feel better, feel free to try the Mamma Pads again. If you are unsure, please talk to your midwife or breastfeeding counsellor.

If you have sensitive nipples, please apply a tiny amount of cream to the exact spot on the nipple. This reduces the sticking effect of the Mamma Pads and improves comfort for women with very sensitive skin.

Women with well-developed nipples and average milk pressure will enjoy the benefits of Mamma Pads from 2-6 weeks of age. If your nipples are rather small, you can start using the silicone pads around 16 weeks. At the latest during the weaning period, most mothers are enthusiastic about the Mamma Pads, because the milk pressure is no longer as strong as at the beginning of breastfeeding. Trying is better than theorising: If your personal Mamma Pads test is not successful at first, just try again after a few weeks. In the meantime, you can store your Mamma Pads dust-free and safely in the practical tin.

Always make sure that your breasts are completely dry and free of grease before applying the Mamma Pads and that the Mamma Pads are free of lint or dust. Also, if you have small or very flat nipples or strong milk pressure at the beginning of breastfeeding, the Mamma Pads may not adhere optimally and milk may leak out. Fortunately, there is our satisfaction guarantee: If you do not like the Mamma Pads, you can return them without giving any reason. The retailer will refund the full purchase price.

So far, Mamma Pads have been available in a standard size. Thanks to their bladder shape and flexible silicone, they are suitable for almost all breast sizes and shapes. If the silicone nursing pads do not fit you due to certain physical conditions, you can of course return them to your retailer for a refund of the purchase price.

Open the storage box and remove the soft, fluffy silicone pads from the transparent carrier. For hygienic reasons, we recommend that you boil the Mamma Pads in lime-free water for one to two minutes before using them for the first time. Allow to air dry well. Now push the adhesive side of the Mamma Pads outwards and press them onto the centre of the nipple. Important: Carefully press the nipple in with your finger beforehand. This is the only way the Mamma Pads can stop the milk flow reflex. Then carefully smooth the Mamma Pads over the breast with the palm of your hand. Make sure that there are no air pockets between the skin and the pads. Now your Mamma Pads should fit perfectly – without slipping.

Mamma Pads are made of medical grade, breathable silicone. High-purity silicone allows gas and oxygen exchange that is very close to that of the skin, a principle that is also used, for example, in long-term contact lenses. Your skin can therefore breathe naturally with the self-adhesive Mamma Pads. If, contrary to expectations, you experience skin irritations such as rashes or irritations, please consult your doctor or a midwife or breastfeeding counsellor.

Yes, the Mamma Pads are completely new breastfeeding pads that work on the basis of a natural body reflex. With gentle pressure on the nipple, they prevent the breast milk from leaking out. They therefore work at the source and do not have to absorb leaked breast milk like traditional disposable nursing pads.

There can be several reasons for this: For example, towards the end of the life of the Mamma Pads, their adhesiveness decreases and with it the pressure on the nipple that reliably prevents milk from leaking. However, you may not have applied your Mamma Pads correctly, so that air pockets have formed. Or you have sweated a lot, for example during sport. In all these cases, small lakes of milk may form under the pad and milk may leak out.

Thanks to an ingenious adhesive layer on the inside of the silicone pad, the Mamma Pads are exceptionally comfortable to wear. Even in the water or during sports, they hold securely and do not slip, provided they are put on correctly.