The Baby Pillow Size 2 (from 7 kg onwards)

Regeneration & Safety for your Baby

Helps to restore the natural shape of your baby‘s head

  • Supports fast correction of head shape
  • Prevents deformation increase
  • No cover – so as not to compromise on breathability thanks to a completely breathable 3D spacer fabric
  • Slightly stabilizing and ergonomic design for a comfortable sleeping position that encourages healing
  • Temperature equalizing and hygienic

Safety in the recovery of head deformations

The Theraline baby pillow Size 2 supports the treatment and recovery of head deformities through optimal pressure distribution and improved head positioning.* In many cases, it can also help prevent aggravation. In addition to early births, it is mainly genetic disposition, in interaction with the supine position recommended by doctors, that leads to head deformities. Most of the time, these deformations grow together on their own*. Of course, supportive measures are still recommended, such as laying the baby on its stomach or carrying it while awake. The use of pressure-relieving pillows can also help with the regression.

The best safety thanks to completely breathable spacer fabric

In view of the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), it is rightly recommended, among other things, to do without pillows in cots. This is because overheating and re-breathing accumulated CO2 in and around the pillow increases the risk to your baby. CO2 is heavier than air and thus collects in recesses, which is particularly critical with the low respiratory volume of babies. Our Theraline Baby Pillow is designed in such a way that CO2 can flow well in any situation. This is ensured by the unique combination of extremely open and freely breathable Spacer Fabric combined with the soft mesh cover which is also completely breathable. We consciously do without slip covers and a more tightly woven fibre or foam core, in order to protect your baby’s head from possible overheating.

Ergonomic and comfortable

The ergonomically shaped high-tech Spacer Fabric of our Theraline Baby Pillow provides effective support and is pleasant and comfortable for your baby, while remaining as safe as possible. With a pillow height of only 3 cm, the pillow is suitable for newborns up to a body weight of approx. 7 kg. Your baby can move its head freely in spite of the preformed recess so that development, the urge to move and natural curiosity are not disturbed. The surface mesh fabric is particularly friendly to skin and comfortable. Your baby will enjoy it! Tip: Once your baby has fallen asleep, lay his/her head down again onto the non-deformed side. Repeat this at night. Use the Theraline Baby Pillow whenever possible to achieve an optimum distribution of pressure on the baby’s head.


The pillow is washable at 60 °C.


* Please always consult your pediatrician if you observe a flat head syndrome at your baby. No claim is made to the variety of individual cases and conditions which may cause a flat head syndrome. Note: The Theraline size 1 Baby Pillow serves for prophylactic use and can only accompany a therapy against head deformation. Especially with indication of brachycephaly always consult a pediatrician!
Note: To ensure absolute safety please make sure to abstain from any pillow covers, towels or any kind of cloths.


The Theraline Baby Pillow


Dimensions: approx. 24,5 x 23 x 5 cm
Material: 96 % Polyester, 4 % Cotton