my7 combines the advantages of several pillows in one special form: It is a pleasantly supporting pillow that relieves the neck and shoulder area and at the same time offers perfect leg support. This keeps the body and spine in balance and cushions the knees at the same time. The sum of the positive factors of this side sleeper pillow promotes restful sleep in the side position and the prone position, which many doctors advise against, can be avoided more easily.

  •  Dual-zone filling: beads & Thera-RHOMB® for perfect moulding and stable support plus soft fleece padding for comfort and cosiness.

  • Extra long and with integrated pillow.

  • Soft, but not yielding leg support.

  • Supports and relieves spine, hip and pelvic area.

  • Serves as knee padding, supports the chest, relieves respiratory pressure.

  • Reduces snoring*.

  • Reduces prone sleeping **.

* Studies have shown that lying on your side at night can reduce snoring, as the airways can be additionally narrowed, especially in the prone and supine position.
** Together with the increased comfort factor, the stable my7 prevents slipping from the orthopaedically recommended side position into the prone position.