Mamma Pads

The smart Nursing Pad

Revolution made of silicone: With gentle pressure on the nipples, the innovative Mamma Pads ensure that your precious breast milk doesn’t leak out in the first place. In the first months of life, there is nothing more valuable for your baby than nourishing breast milk. To make sure none of it goes to waste, the ultra-soft silicone Mamma Pads use a natural body reflex. By applying gentle, imperceptible pressure to the nipple, they reliably prevent breast milk from leaking out during breastfeeding breaks. So baby gets all the good milk. And mum is happy that her T-shirt or blouse will stay dry and stain-free from now on.


Nearly invisible

Unlike conventional branded nursing pads, Mamma Pads are as good as invisible. Finally, tight-fitting, attractive clothes again without anything showing. Because Mamma Pads naturally stop the milk flow reflex, they don’t have to absorb leaking milk like ordinary nursing pads. This has a huge advantage: they are so thin that you can hardly see them even under skin-tight clothing. With Mamma Pads, mothers can now enjoy the full pleasure of breastfeeding without having to forego body-hugging outfits. Tip: Try Mamma Pads under seductive nightwear or your new strapless bra. You will be thrilled!

Gentle & safe

The Mamma Pads nursing pads made of wafer-thin silicone gently nestle against the breast like a second skin and provide security because nothing slips or leaks. A really ingenious thing, these Mamma Pads: the highly flexible, flower-shaped silicone pads gently adapt to almost any breast shape and size. A micro-thin, self-adhesive layer on the inside of the pad ensures a perfect fit and hold. This combination of medical-grade, ultra-pure and breathable silicone is so close to the natural feel of your skin that you could forget you’re wearing breastfeeding pads at all. Of course, this is also because the Mamma Pads are so pleasantly dry at all times: They safely prevent milk leakage, day and night.


Freedom without a bra

Sleep without a bra, exercise in a skin-tight top, wear your favourite lingerie – it’s all possible with the clever, securely adhering Mamma Pads. Wonderful! Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing for mum and baby. We have developed the Mamma Pads so that you can enjoy this special time in complete freedom: Once applied, the breathable, semi-transparent silicone breastfeeding pads adhere so securely to the breasts of most women that you can do without a bra. Mamma Pads give you new freedom to breastfeed without a bra: great, for example, on balmy summer nights, during postnatal sports or in combination with a skin-tight spaghetti top. Feel free!

Swimming in happiness

Dive into happiness: baby swimming or holidays by the sea are now also really fun for breastfeeding mothers again – thanks to Mamma Pads. Dive into the wet fun! With the Mamma Pads, swimming is wonderfully liberating. Thanks to their lightness and high wearing comfort, the high-tech silicone pads also cut a great figure with a bikini and the like. A little sensation: even under wet swimwear, no nipples show. Many women find this so great that they don’t want to miss their Mamma Pads even after weaning. And breastfeeding mothers have the self-adhesive silicone nursing pads in their holiday luggage and baby swimming bag anyway.

Save and protect

When properly cared for, the Mamma Pads can be reused over 150 times. This not only makes your wallet happy but also protects our precious environment. Your Mamma Pads can last for several weeks or even months if you take good care of them. It’s easy: clean them after each use with warm water and pH-neutral soap and then let them air dry. Because the Mamma Pads can be reused so often, they are naturally cheaper than comparable high-quality disposable brand nursing pads – and produce almost no waste. This is how breastfeeding is done in respectful harmony with nature. Your little darling will thank you.

Easy and pleasant application


Thanks to a wafer-thin, medical grade adhesive layer, the breathable silicone nursing pads hold on all by themselves. The adhesive layer is on a soft, high-tech silicone pad that can adapt to practically any breast shape. Due to its surface tension, it exerts gentle pressure that gently but reliably pushes the nipples inwards. The use of breathable silicone as a support and adhesive material creates an unexpectedly high level of wearing comfort. Silicone allows an exchange of gas and oxygen that is similar to that of the skin. This is a principle that is also used, for example, in long-term contact lenses with a silicone component. Once the pads are in place, everything feels natural and they are practically imperceptible.


* With good care, Mammapads can be reused 150 times and more, making them cheaper than disposable branded nursing pads. Simply clean after each use with warm water and non-greasy soap and dry thoroughly. Unfortunately, there are limitations with regular cleaning with very chalky water or frequent drying in very dusty air.


Contents: 2 silicone nursing pads with carrier
. Material:
Mamma Pads: Silicone
Bearer: PET
Can: Polypropylene