Cherry Stone Animals

Oh, how lovely that rustles and crunches?

The funny cherry stone animals from Theraline are filled with cherry stones that have been cleaned several times for gentle warming or cooling when the tummy is squeezing or the bad tooth won’t stop hurting. Ideal for a little healing magic in between, for babies and well into toddlerhood. Great for mums: it can easily be warmed up in seconds!

Heat application
The pillow is simply heated in the oven or microwave within a few minutes as required. The temperature is released slowly and gently.

Cold application
The pillow is cooled for approx. 20-60 minutes in the freezer.

If the pillow is used frequently, it is advisable to sprinkle it with water briefly before heating it. Cherry stone pillows are natural products with their own odour, which can increase the positive effect of use. If you wish to wash your pillow, please ensure that it is dried thoroughly immediately afterwards.


Size: approx. 19 x 18 cm
Cover: 100 % cotton
Filling: cherry stones (approx. 450 g)
Gentle wash at 40 °C in a closed laundry bag, no tumble dry
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