Washing instructions for Theraline pillows

Inlets and outer covers made of 100 % cotton are washable up to 60 °C on the gentle cycle.

Inlets made of cotton / polyester blend fabric with Thera-RHOMB filling are washable up to 90 °C.

Inlets made of spandex and terry plush are washable up to 40 °C on the gentle cycle.

Inlets made of filament fabric are washable up to 30 °C on the gentle cycle.

Inlets with spelt chaff and rapeseed filling are not washable.

Please be sure to follow the attached label!

Hints & tips:

In standard household washing machines and dryers, breastfeeding pillows only have the necessary room to move if sufficient filling has been removed beforehand. It is therefore often advisable to obtain a quote from the local dry cleaner. Alternatively, and especially if there are only a few stains to be removed, breastfeeding pillows can also be cleaned in the bathtub.

Washing in the bathtub:

Rinse the pillow with hot water in the bathtub, lather it, treat the stains if necessary, rinse it off and then dry it thoroughly in a gentle cycle in the tumble dryer.

Drying without a tumble dryer:

Alternatively and inexpensively, you can also dry all Theraline pillows on the heater, for example, or on the clothesline on a sunny day. Important! Always shake up the pillow in between and really dry it completely.

Important note! Washing and drying:

Wash and dry only in a laundry bag (no net!) and in washing machines and dryers in which the cushion can move freely. Leakage of the filling will damage your washing machine and dryer. Instead of a laundry bag (no net), the outer cover can also be used as an alternative to protect the filling from leaking during the washing or drying process.

Please always close the zip carefully and check the ticking for seam defects or holes before washing.

Important: Only spin at low revolutions, otherwise the cushion may tear or scorch.

Warning: Colour carry-over may occur, especially with new covers and highly coloured designs. We ask for your understanding that we exclude liability for this. Please wash the cover separately the first time it is washed!

Warning: If the filling leaks out, it will damage the washing machine or dryer! Therefore, always wash and dry in a laundry bag and in machines in which the cushion can move freely.

Exclusion of warranty: The manufacturer does not accept any warranty for damage caused by leaking filling material due to washing without a laundry bag or too little room to move during the washing or drying process.

Caution: Leaking filling material can affect the respiratory tract. Pillow may only be used with outer cover. Please read the instructions for use before washing.